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Towards resilient cyber security as a Vision 2030 enabler

Welcome address by NCSC

State and non-state actors in the cyberspace – the ‘now’ and ‘future’ of cyber defence

GCC threat landscape – what is keeping the government and businesses up at night

Wolves among sheep - defeating targeted attacks with deception

Cyber risk to critical infrastructure and potential remediation strategies

How to complicate operations of state sponsored actors?

The internet of very bad things – good, bad, or just plain ugly?

Lessons learnt from the recent attacks

Supply chain cyber security

Cyber security as a global social responsibility

GRC Tools: Are they worth it?

Closing the protection gap: How an offensive mentality can build 'defense in depth'

Identifying security loopholes and its source through digital forensics.

Global cyber security trends – preparing for the inevitable

Estonia - defending the digital society

Priority Measures for Cyber Security in the Fuel and Energy Sector

The art and science of cyber security deception

Transforming your enterprise into human sensors

Cyber security risk management – Leveraging outsourcing

Using machine learning for next-generation cyber defence

International collaboration in cyber security

DNA of a modern CISO

Data extortions through ransomware

Building an Effective Threat Intelligence Capability

A holistic approach to delivering and sustaining a cybersecurity strategy

Detecting and mitigating advanced persistent threats

Academia’s role in building capacity and addressing talent gap

Devising a fool proof cloud security solution

Surviving through cyber wars: cyber security analytics in action

New target of cyber-attacks - SMEs and SMBs

Business-driven security

Key outcomes of the conference, upcoming initiatives and what to expect in the coming years.