As part of the Ministry of Interior, the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) is at the forefront of the Kingdom’s National Cyber Security defense initiative. The NCSC develops and manages the national strategic direction for cyber security in collaboration with the CNls, Government Ministries and Agencies, and other key partners. As a focal point for cyber security in the Kingdom, the NCSC identifies risks, provides guidance to protect critical assets, produces threat intelligence, promotes information sharing, and coordinates efforts to respond to and recover from national cyber incidents. The NCSC currently monitors the health of the Kingdom’s networks and fuses that data together to analyze cyber threats and provides our partners with situational awareness. This situational awareness enables the NCSC and partner organizations to defend against cyber incidents, coordinate responses to incidents, and make informed decisions regarding the protection of critical systems.


Naseba offers global business facilitation services. We create growth opportunities by bringing together people, partners and ideas. We help you: raise capital, enter new markets, secure partners, close sales and educate your workforce. Our goal is to create opportunity and add economic value at every stage of your journey with us. We do this through:

  • Investor services
  • Commercial services
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We attribute our own growth to being commercially tenacious. Since our inception, our services evolved based on where we saw market opportunities. We bring this same tenacity to our clients to help them achieve their business goals. We don’t just work with you in markets you know: we bring you opportunities from around the world, often in growth markets with untold potential.

Since inception in 2002, Naseba has facilitated deals totaling billions of dollars for our clients. We have connected over 100,000 global executives through more than 1,000 proprietary business platforms.

Naseba. Creating opportunity.

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